The Great Basin Bird Observatory case study that this website was created for:

Bird Conservation Along the Lower Colorado River (2019)

The accompanying paper by Alicia Arcidiacono for this website:

On The Wings of the LCR: Bird Species of Concern (2022)

Books, articles, and sites used to make this website:


Great Basin Bird Observatory


Birds of the lower Colorado River Valley (Rosenberg 1991)

Restoring Colorado River ecosystems: a troubled sense of immensity (Alder 2007)

Fire helps restore natural disturbance regime to benefit rare and endangered marsh birds endemic to the Colorado River by Conway et al. (2010)

Ecosystem effects of environmental flows: modelling and experimental floods in a dryland river by Shafroth et al. (2010)

The humans who helped make it happen:

Mel Preston (landscape drawing), Bobby Wilcox (Least Bittern, Gilded Flicker, Bell’s Vireo photo), Jarrod Swackhamer (Gilded Flicker, Bell’s Vireo photo). And Lauren Harter and Dawn Fletcher for their years of friendship, leadership, and support with this project. And GBBO for their excellent conservation work along the LCR and across the West!

Bird sketches and any photos not credited above by Alicia Arcidiacono.

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